Park lies in a very urban milieu, it is surrounded by a congress center buildings, on the edge of China town, International quarter and Old Montreal. It is public and therefore accessible to all by-passers for a short rest, coffee break or a deep contemplation. It’s not an easy job for a landscape architect to design a good roof park on a top of a garage. The biggest risk is choice of vegetation, since there is not much soil to put the trees in. Consequently, trees might die if layer of soil in which they grow, was too thin, which does not apply to most bushes, shrubs and flowers. This park is indeed a very colorful combination of trees and shrubs, which bloom pink in spring and turn yellow in autumn. Project was awarded by Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (Regional Honor).

Designer: Claude Cormier
Project: Public park atop the Palais des congrès parking garage
Location: Montreal / Canada
Area: 2,000 m2 (0.5 acres)
Year: 1999-2002
Photo by Jean-François Vézina, May 2005

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