Jardín Botánico

text via JBB: Barcelona’s new Botanical Garden was designed by an interdisciplinary team comprising the architects Carlos Ferrater and Josep Lluís Canosa, the landscape architect Bet Figueras, the horticulturalist Artur Bossy and the biologist Joan Pedrola. Two fundamental considerations were taken into account in creating the Garden; Firstly, how the vegetation was to be structured. It was important to plan the layout according to geographic criteria, grouping the plants according to the world’s five Mediterranean regions. Within these regional groupings, moreover, the plants should be combined according to ecological affinity, that is to say, recreating landscapes as they are found in nature. The second consideration involved creating a project in which the mountain itself provided the topographic conditions for establishing the different plant areas in the Garden. This entailed designing the network of paths around the natural relief and avoiding large earth moving operations as far as possible. The result was a triangular-shaped network adapted to the available space and to the mountain slopes. This mesh of paths marked out the 71 spaces containing the principal plant communities found in Mediterranean climate regions all over the world.


  • a

    Jardí Botànic de Barcelona (actual name not in Spanish, no point in translating if this is an English language page) is actually pretty good for a Ferrater project. Not his usual uninspired stuff. If only his more urban projects were like this…

  • admin

    thnx a, i’ve copy/pasted the name from official website of the botanic garden. I’ll leave it as it is, because it explains the JBB signs on the photos. cheers

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  • a

    I meant that the actual name is in Catalan… “Jardí Botànic”. But it’s OK. Sorry for the hassle! I love the public spaces on Catalonia in particular and the Spanish state as a whole… in Barcelona there’s always this feeling that the city is a work in progress – maybe some neighbourhoods have their problems but you know they’ll eventually change. Except for maybe Sants – there’s so many rail tracks crossing the district not much can really be done about it, but at least Carrer Badal/Rambla Brasil/Carles III is awesome now (it used to be an urban motorway.) Sadly a lot of what they’ve done as of lately (the Poblenou skyscrapers) isn’t as good as what they used to build, but there’s still hope.

    Keep up the good job! :)

  • a

    oh, here are some more pictures, seemingly from the Catalan government’s flickr page (?!)


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  • richie

    looks like very nice, we are going soon to barcelona and it seems that montjuic has a lot of things to discover, we will surely go to the botanic garden, also found this page http://www.world-rt.com/ with lots of local info written by a local guy, very helpful too

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