Parco Lineare

This is a landscape project and it is about, in details, the acknowledgement of ancient agricultural, natural and historical landscapes in an area of Sicily in the threshold between Erei and Iblei, through the building of a new landscape. The project is part of a general hypothesis of re-use of the former narrow-gauge railroad that used to connect Caltagirone to Piazza Armerina and Dittaino, passing via the Michele di Ganzaria and Mirabella Imbaccari areas. It is about thinking of this equipped nature trail as a new design “light infrastructure”, spreading in a linear park developed over the railway solid, made up of a row of cypresses and the compact and variegated surfaces of the bushes planted along the inclined planes of relieves and trenches.

Landscape Architecture: StudioNowa – Marco Navarra
Project name: W006_PARCO LINEARE_99
Location: Caltagirone/San Michele di Ganzaria (CT), Italy
Built: 1999
Type: Equipped pedestrian footpath and bicycle path
Collaborators: Maria Giacoma Marino, Andrea Messina, Elio Monteleone, Salvatore Interlandi, Salvatore Capezzi, Fanny Consoli, Daniele Diana, Salvatore Gozzo, Raquel Alonzo Martinez, Salvatore Corrente
Structure: Giovanni Branciforti
Client: Comune di San Michele di Ganzaria (CT) e Comune di Caltagirone (CT)
Path lenght: 14 km