3RW Arkitekter: ‘Ørnesvingen is the most spectacular viewpoint along the Ørne (eagle)-road, a zig-zag road along the steep valley sides of Geiranger-fjord in Møre and Romsdal. Located at one of its many bends the viewpoint gives tourists breathtaking views over the recently acknowledged UNESCO world heritage site, making it one of Norway’s major tourist attractions. The project consists of three overlapping white concrete slabs overhanging the edge of a 600 meter vertical drop, enabling the observer to step out into the airspace. The river on site is guided over a glazed front, forming a waterfall on the very edge of the viewpoint. Information boards in glass explain specific locations in the scenery.’

Design: 3RW Arkitekter
Project: Ørnesvingen Viewpoint
Landscape architecture: Smedsvig Landskap AS, May Elin Eikaas Bjer
Location: Geiranger, Norway
Size: 530m2 + footpaths
Completed: 2005
Project is a part of a ‘National tourist routes‘ project.

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