BASE: Located in the town of La Chapelle St-Luc, on the outskirts of Troyes, the ‘Prés de Lyon’ is a city park which was designed in the 70s on the ‘English garden’ model. This park suffered numerous degradations so the town council decided to contract landscape architects to make it more accessible and attractive. BASE’s work consisted in reinstating earthworks, pathways, entrances and most planted plots, proposing several play areas, most of them designed for the young. A 700 sq.m concrete “street” skate park has been built, along with children playgrounds, a miniature golf course, pétanque playing grounds, a health and fitness trail, etc. At the centre of the park, a vast plain liable to flooding remained dry and unused. BASE proposed the building of a 170 sq.m solarium facing South destined for sunbathing and designed more largely as a chill-out and relaxation area. Access is through a network of wooden pontoons and banks, located 1m high, safe from potential flood risks. Integrated lighting is provided in the structure and pontoons.

Landscape Architecture: BASE (Build A Super Environment) / Franck Poirier, Bertrand Vignal and Clément Willemin
Location: Chapelle st Luc / Champagne / France
Cost: 2 M€
Area: 6 ha
Completed: 2006

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goal: €20,000

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