Storaa Stream

OKRA Landscape Architects: For the municipality of Holstebro, Denmark, the building of a new cultural centre served as the inspiration to give a new impulse to the structure of its public space. The banks of the river Storaa and the area around the town’s new dance theater were made the subject of an international competition, which has now been won by OKRA. Whereas, up to now, the river it has formed Holstebro’s rear side, OKRA’s plan includes making it the new heart of the town. The river’s banks will form the focal point for all central cyclists’ and pedestrians routes, whilst attractive points of rest are also to be created. The square adjacent to the dance theatre will become an outdoor theatre featuring movable scenery.

Landscape Architects: OKRA Landscape Architects
Location: Holstebro / Denmark
Area: 2,3 hectare
Budget: € 5,0 milj. (excl. vat) price level 2006
Competition: 2006, 1 prize
Timescale : 2007 – 2009
Award: Holstebro Storaa Stream, 1st price

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