Laroque Des Alberes Cemetery

EMF M. Franch: Under a field of cherry desenaris assayed the relationship between traditional forest-northern cemetery and the cemetery Mediterranean tradition-building, to locate a program without hurting the beauty and serenity of the enclave. The project is developed by the superposition of two realities and shapes that contrast and tension to emphasize its identity: the dotted grid in the field of cherry trees and clean and abstract geometry of the tombs. In plan, the architecture is compressed into long, narrow strips that are placed carefully among the cherry trees, following the contour lines. In sum, the architecture crouches under the mantle of leaves and respects the scale of trees, allowing at all times the visual continuity of the above volumes and providing that space is legible as a whole.

Authors: Philippe Pous, Aqte., EMF M. Franch, Rivers, López
Location: Laroque des Alberes, France
Promoter: Mairie de Laroque des Albères
Area: 7.312 m2
Design: 2004-2005
Construction: 2005-2006
Cost: 876000€ € – 120€/m2 €
Photos: Martí Franch
Text EMF


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