Saiki Peace Memorial Park

The old naval facilities on this site, which was a former naval port, were dismantled and the area transformed into a park, before being opened to the public. The large open air is covered by grass and the main spaces are defined as geometric forms by the white paths cutting through it. These simple pathways are dressed with such things as river boulders as well as bout forms, and abstract interpretations of natural flow patterns in Saiki. To these, we constructed mounds, pools and monuments to form a harmonious whole through which the movement of people would become organically involved. That park was solo project by Eiki Danzuka who is director of EARTHSCAPE.

Landscape Design: EARTHSCAPE/Eiki Danzuka
Completion: 1995
Location: 3-3 Tsuruyamachi Saiki-city Oita, Japan
Type: Public Park
Photographs by Koji Okumura/Forward Stroke
Text: Earthscape

Urban Furniture by Streetlife!

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