Baan Sansuk

TROP: Baan Sansuk is an exclusive Residential Project, located at Hua Hin, Thailand’s favorite Beach. The site is a long, noodle-like with a small narrow side connected to the beach. There are 2 rows of Buildings on both sides, leaving a long space in the middle of the site. Basically, most of the units, except the Beach-front ones, do not have any Ocean View. Instead they are facing the opposite units. Our first move is to bring “the view” into the property instead. Our Inspiration of “the View” comes from the location of the project. Hua Hin, in Thai, means Stone Head. The name comes from the natural stone boulders in its Beach area. So we proposed a series of Swimming Pools from the Lobby to the beach area, a total of 230m long.

The Pools are divided into several pools, with different functions like Reflecting Pool, Kids Pool, Transitional Pool, Jacuzzi Pool and Main Pool. At some certain area, we strategically place Natural Stone Boulders to mimic the Famed Local Beach. The result is a breath-taking Water Landscape, with different Water Characters from one end of the site to the other. These pools are not just for eye-pleasure only, but they also serve as the pools for everyone in the family.

Project Name: Baan Sansuk
Completion Date: January 2010
Location: Nongkae, Hua-Hin, Prachuapkhirikhan, Thailand
Landscape area: approx. 11,613 sqm.
Client: Sansiri
Design Company: TROP Co.Ltd (TROP : terrains + open space)
Project Director: Pok Kobkongsanti
Project Designer: Pattarapol Jormkhanngen
Project Team: Wasin Muneepeerakul, Pakawat Varaphakdi, Kampon Prakobsajakul
Photographer: Pattarapol Jormkhanngen, Pok Kobkongsanti, Wison Tungthunya

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2010 + Residential Parks + Thailand + Water features

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Published on November 8, 2012
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