Atelier du Bocal: The requalification of the main street to Oullins, more than an embellishment is one of main advantages of the revitalization of the city center, in parallel the future arrival of the subway.

After several months of dialogue, strong lines of the project were fixed:
– Mark 3 different sequences to break the important shelf space and make it more attractive
– Create a landscaped walk (trees of alignment, fleurissement)
– Favor the attractiveness of the many businesses
– Mark the centrality of the city around the place of the city hall
– Improve the comfort and the safety of the pedestrians
– Reveal the existing public places (public garden of the resistance, Square of Sarra and place of the city hall)
– Facilitate the connections with the related projects [future Subway, place Arles Dufour and its parking lot, the island of Camille].
– Build with noble materials capable of improving the image of the Main street (granite, limestone, desactivated concrete, porphyre put in plait)
– Mark both city entrances on the crossroads Camille and on the section the North.
– Calm the traffic [zone 30]

Landscape Architecture: Atelier du Bocal landscape designer (team leader) / ICC Engineering
Client: City of Oullins
Location: Oullins / South of Lyon / France
Building area: 13 000 m2 (1km)
Program: requalification de la grande rue d’Oullins
Date : won in 2010, delivery in july 2013
Mission: Public space project design and management
image credits: Atelier du bocal sarl

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