Taylor Brammer Landscape Architects: Reflecting contemporary international trends in campus design, the University of Wollongong is undertaking a comprehensive community and building program that creates environments and spaces in which people learn, work, recreate, socialise and connect. The East End exemplifies this paradigm by creating a new and vibrant destination on campus. Once recognised by the uninspiring name of the Engineering Courtyard, it was a space that people only moved through. The reinvigorated East End is now seen as one of the most desirable locations on a campus that is world renowned for its inspiring and delightful landscaped open spaces. The centrepiece of The East End; the multipurpose games area is enlivened with lawn terraces, sinuous sitting edges realised in concrete and angular timber lounge decks. Their form creating a range of options to sit, engage or simply enjoy the sunshine and open air. The form of the metal clad ramp structure further engages with the timber lounge creating a sense of surprise and interest. The café defines the northern edge of the space providing seating areas both under cover and in the sun. This is now a place enjoyed well into the evening with special lighting effects that enliven the various elements creating an experience unique on the university campus.

Landscape Architecture: Taylor Brammer Landscape Architects Pty Ltd
Title: The East End
Location: University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia
Year of completion: 2013
Area of the extent of works: 5000m2
Budget: $1.2m

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