Park am Gleisdreieck

Atelier LOIDL: From the Landwehr Canal near Potsdamer Platz extending to the Yorck Bridges in the South, the ten hectares spanning western part of the Park am Gleisdreieck was built until spring 2013. With this, the already finished Eastpark was supplemented and as of now offers Schöneberg’s local residents a rambling park landscape with sport, playground and relaxation facilities. Over forty years the area around the former railroad triangle “Gleisdreieck” had been inaccessible and subjected to changing plans and utilization demands.

Project: Park am Gleisdreieck
Landscape Architect: Atelier LOIDL
Location: Berlin, Germany
Completion: September 2013
See also: Park am Gleisdreieck EASTPARK by Atelier LOIDL on Landezine

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