Ilex: A key public space of the major urban plan for La Duchère, this park revitalises a geography that has been mistreated by history while developing “urban nature” that links and bonds the area together. Used as a spoils storage site during the creation of the “Grand Ensemble” major housing complex, this small valley was mistreated over time by water engineering works (pipes) that are purely functional. The project works to revive this geographical base, by restoring the natural character of the landscape heritage and revitalising the stream. Alternating “rural”, “romantic” and “gardened” settings, this open-air amenity is no more than a large flexible, adaptable public grassy area, on the scale of the surrounding districts and incorporated in the network of Lyon’s large parks (it is Lyon’s second largest park after Tête d’Or)

Location: Lyon, La Duchère (France)
Client: SERL
Designers: Ilex [paysage urbanisme] (team leader), Les Eclairagistes Associés, Cap Vert Ingénierie, Sogreah Hydraulique
Date: delivery in 2013
Missions: design and management of public space projects
Surface: 12,2 ha
Estimated amount of work: 6,3M€/HT

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