Ika Meditation Spot

The blue meditation point was the result of the collaboration of the invitees (Studio Nomad, Batlab architects) and Csomópont of the Noise Workshop held in Transylvania, which draws attention to a neglected part of stream Ika. The shape and structure of the 4m disc was affected by the natural conditions provided by the collapsed brook bank. The building is based on a fallen tree, which also gives the slope towards the waterfall. Supported by it the cantilevered wooden disc stretches out above the bed of the stream, thus creating the most direct connection possible between one who wants to relax and the nature. The meditation spot will function until nature reforms the local environment.

Designers/architects: Gergő Batizi-Pócsi and Péter Batizi-Pócsi (batlab architects), Bence Pásztor (studio nomad)
Location: Csernaton, Transylvania, Romania
Design and construction: 2015
Photography: Bence Pásztor

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