Le Jardin Clair-Obscur

Wagon-landscaping: The CRDP (Centre Régional de Documentation Pédagogique) is located in the former abbey of St. Hilaire of Celle, in Poitiers. Its gardens are both free cloister reinterpretations, resuming their major principles: an enclosed garden, regular central space underlined by circulation galleries around. These two gardens play with their own opposite : shade/light, dryness/moisture, tallness/smallness. The contemporary abbey function is a pedagogical information centre where child and student come to develop their knowledge with schools or by their own. The garden emphasize as well this pedagogical function showing traditional plants from the cloister time and from abroad, as a botanical garden.

Landscape architect: Wagon-landscaping
Location: 6 Rue Sainte-Catherine, 86034 Poitiers, France
Client: Réseau Canopé, CRDP
Design: 2009
Construction: 2014
Area: 2000 m2
Budget: 230 000 euro
Image credits: wagon landscaping ©
BET: Techni’Cité, Entreprise : Poitou Paysage

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