Le Parc du Chemin de l’Ile

The park is situated above the level of the Seine and it uses the river’s water for main features in the park. The water is brought in the park using Archimedean screw, then gravity takes over. Water is not only exposed (various pools, fountains and the stream) and used for irrigation, but as well filtered through a series of purifying gardens located immediately after the input point. Bringing the water in the park was (in this case) perhaps the most important tool for providing the variety of ambiences and richness of experience. Much of the material found on site was reused; clay for sealing the basins, concrete slabs for foundations etc.

Location: Nanterre (92), France
Completed: Juin 2006
Area: 14ha
Clients: EPADESA, (Maître d’ouvrage), Conseil Général des Hauts de Seine (Conducteur d’Opération), Conseil Régional d’Ile de France, Ville de Nanterre.
Landscape Architect: Mutabilis Paysage et Urbanisme + Guillaume Geoffroy Dechaume
Gilles Clément paysagiste, Chemetov et Huidobro C+H+ Architecture, Atelier Cépage BET Ecologie
Site & concept BET Spécialiste en berge, Mizrahi économiste.
Photos: Hervé Abbadie

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