Landscapes / memory

After a winter of production we are thrilled to present “landscapes / memory”. It is our suggestion for the perfect gift for or from a landscape architect. The purpose of this memory game is to look back at what we have published over the past years and acknowledge those projects, that we consider the strongest interventions in landscape. Carefully selected from our ongoing publication stream, the 54 projects represented in this memory game were designed by globally-renowned landscape architects, as well as by a handful of emerging ones who, in our opinion, will enjoy an interesting and fruitful professional path.

Another purpose of “landscapes / memory” is to raise funds for the production of two new exciting projects that we plan to execute in near future.
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In the package:

– BOX 177 X 177 X 30MM
– 108 COLOR TILES (54 PAIRS), 55 X 55MM EACH


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