Solid Edge System

From a flat surface, one can easily create green sloping surfaces with the Solid Edge System, i.e. sitting edges, at heights of ± 50cm. It’s a simple way to create borders with Solid Seats. The side panels are to be placed under multiple angles. It makes for a pleasant spot to sit shaded by the accompanying greenery. The steel base structure of the Solid Edge System is available RAL-coated or in CorTen. The front wall slopes back steeply to create leg space. Side walls at 70˚, 90˚, 110˚ or as an extension of the seating edges are optional. The ‘Solid Top Seats’ are available with 6 slats (46cm), 8 slats (62cm) or 12 slats (93cm). The sturdy hardwood slats are mounted from above using Streetlock® comb fittings.

The products in the Solid Series have a solid character. The Solid identity is modest and minimal in terms of design. As a result of consistent detailing based upon the 7x7cm hardwood beams and their spacing, there is a strong interdependence between all the Solid products. The steel support and structure are closed and therefore solid in their form. The product family includes benches, picnic tables, bicycle racks, podiums, tree planters, fencing and pedestrian and cycle bridges. On the campus of the University of Philadelphia in Philadelphia, USA Streetlife has realised multiple peninsula’s with the Solid Edge System while collaborating with Andropogon Landscape Architects.

Manufacturer name: Streetlife
Designer: Streetlife in association with Andropogon Landscape Architects

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