Urban Space of Esplanade Paul Grimault

Agence APS: On the concrete slab without memory of the esplanade, the contextual and sensitive approach is conducive to rebuilding a story thanks to a rhetoric appropriate to the new reconstituted universes of the project. The evocative power of the project thus refers to situations experienced or places known by fans or enthusiasts of the mountain environment summer or winter – city dwellers, tourists or alpine skiers.


In the North, the triangle of the vegetable esplanade. The flat situation and the vocabulary of development refer to the geography of “limestone plateau” like the fabulous lapiaz of Parmelan.

On the southern edge of the Upper slab, the large central rectangle of the urban terrace, becomes the “beating heart” of the project. Its perched position visually open to the horizons, on the Semnoz mountain and on the Bornes massif, refers to the ambiances (or atmosphere) of the terraces of high altitude restaurants so popular with skiers on sunny days.


The third space establishes the link between the high slab and low slab. It is a garden of roses, which leans on the box of the carpark to better erase it. The urban inclusion of the garden in the slope is not without reminding the geographical situation of the “slope” characteristic of the mountain relief.


Short office name: Agence APS
Role of the office in the project: landscape designers
Website: www.agenceaps.com
Project location: Annecy, France
Design year: 2010
Year Built: 2011
Client: City of Annecy
Surface: 3400 m²
Budget : 1.000.000 EUR (pre-tax)

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