Cemeteries and Memorials

The site is in Chapultepec, the most important park of Mexico City. This part of the forest belongs to the Federal Government and was under the custody of the Secretariat of National Defense for many decades, so, first of all, the memorial project means the recuperation of 15,000 square meters of public space.
Poppy Plaza is the first of a series of planned public spaces along The Memorial Drive Landscape of Memory, a 9.5 km pathway that runs parallel to Memorial Drive and is designed to honour the sacrifices of Canadians during wartime. The design solution hinges on two distinct and interrelated surfaces: one of wood and the other of weathering steel ...
On the site of the concentration camp Esterwegen, built in 1933, a memorial was set up in memory of all fifteen camps in the Ems region and their victims. None of the above-ground construction elements were still standing. For this reason, “tree parcels”, with the dimensions of the former barracks were cut out of the red oaks planted in the fifties ...
Gustafson Porter Shared with us one of their classics. "The work to turn the design of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain from an artist's impression into reality involved skilled craftsmen from across the UK and groundbreaking high-tech production techniques previously used in the automotive industries."
Jonas Dahlberg: "An emotional observation informs my overall concept. During the initial site visit to Utøya, I noticed how different the feeling was of walking outside in nature, compared to the feeling of walking through the rooms of the main building. The experience of seeing the vacant rooms and the traces of extreme violence brought me—and others around me—to a state of profound sadness. In its current state, the building kept close within it the memory of the terror acts of July 22, 2011. Like an open wound."
A new organization of the main station has involved the demolition of the existing memorial. The city of Besançon has wanted to create a "place of remembrance" that would incorporate elements of the ancient monument and could also welcome all commemorations of Remembrance.
During the master planning process, which began in the late 1990s, the Trustees of Lakewood Cemetery asked Halvorson Design Partnership to take on the challenge of integrating a large new mausoleum in the historic garden landscape.
The historical and cultural background of the site formed the centre of the design concept and approaches, that Pak Tsz Lane was revitalized to become a park in Central district to retrace the old urban fabric and the veiled Furen Literary Society. The “Origin of Chinese Revolution” was therefore adopted as the design theme for the Park.
…I had this thought that a memorial should be a room and a garden. That’s all I had. Why did I want a room and a garden? I just chose it to be the point of departure. The garden is somehow a personal nature, a personal kind of control of nature, a gathering of nature. And the room was the beginning of architecture. - Louis Kahn, lecture at Pratt Institute Fall 1973
At first, the project was an engineering one. It involved installing plant-covered mesh retaining fabric at the top of the cliff and a protective wall at the bottom. Later, it evolved into a landscape architecture project ...