Flood Resilience

Beglinger + Bryan lays grounds for a rich ecosystem to emerge on its own in this in this pond merely by shaping the embankments. "Shallow water areas guarantee the survival of aquatic fauna. Embankments caused by terrain modelling at different angles and exposures will produce a high biodiversity."
On the 2nd of July, 2011 large areas of the city of Copenhagen were flooded. Copenhagen is on the front line of climate change, experiencing increasingly heavy rain events, as they are also on the leading edge of urban innovation with a vision of transforming their city into a sustainable, C02 neutral city by 2025. Ramboll and Atelier Dreiseitl have been invited to create a “Cloudburst Concretization Masterplan” ...
McGregor Coxall worked with Hill Thalis Architects and Candalepas Associates Architects on this proposed 459 dwelling 17Ha sustainable residential neighbourhood on Anzac Parade, Little Bay. The project has a wide diversity of housing types carefully situated on a regular street grid that respects the coastal topography ...
Zollhallen Plaza is new counterpart for the historic customs hall which was restored in 2009. The plaza is a fine example of water sensitive urban design, as it is disconnected from the sewer system. Beautiful planters provide infiltration points, and subsurface gravel trenches with innovative in-built filter medium reduce the hydraulic overload on the sewer system. Indented plaza areas create a surface flood zone. No rain water is fed to the sewer system, instead the groundwater table is recharged.
The river currents, the flow of people, and the gravity of objects are all woven together to form a dynamic concord (Figure 01). This is achieved through the meandering vegetated terraces, curvilinear paths, a serpentine bridge, circular bio-swales and planting beds, and curved benches. The project has given the city a new identity and is now acclaimed as its most poetic landscape.
Located amid the natural areas of the Thalie Valley, albeit on a former landfill site at the edge of the railway infrastructure in neglected areas, and in a flood zone, the challenge of the project is to manage the transition of the site while taking account of pollution and flooding constraints. The Parc de la Thalie (Thalie Park) provides a connection between the amenities (a new hospital and a medical centre) and the public spaces at the entrance to the town of Châlons-sur-Saône.
The project brings a modern interpretation of the mountain landscape with the cultivated terraces, the dry river of the wadi. It offers proximity uses with its upper and lower promenades along the banks and sports fields in the wadi’s bed.
Water sources for this former wetland has been cut, and the wetland is under the threat of disappear. Turenscape’s strategy is to transform the dying wetland into an urban stormwater park, which will provide multiple ecosystems services for the new community. The result is a great success.
OLIN led a team of ecologists and civil engineers, collaborating with experts to create a comprehensive and ambitious framework for a park and greenway. The end result: a dynamic park that is viable, active and alluring, a continuous programmed edge along the banks of Mill River, and a “green zipper” that brings together neighboring communities with downtown Stamford.
The Rogers School is a new environmental magnet school that creates a vibrant community for learning on a remediated brownfield site. The design demonstrates ecological stewardship through its four prominent environmental demonstration components: a large intensive green roof for educational use; a rain garden ...
Sensitive urban designing with rainwater as a vibrant feature underlies the total success of the development. As a result, the location has become desirable. The amazing neighborhood feeling is complimented by the practicality of the site being 5 minutes walk to both the train station ...