Pocket Parks

The design reduces visual clutter giving the impression of a series of “rooms” enclosed only by the impressive tree canopy. The inclusion of the two decks allows direct movement through the site whilst providing three clear zones of occupation which can be utilised by the local community and COFA alike.
Reclaiming the streets of a village dominated by traffic by the means of landscape architecture: That was the basic task in designing a new centre for Ebikon near Lucerne. Despite its attractive location amidst a picturesque hilly landscape by the lake „Rotsee“, Ebikon appeared to be designed for transit: Suburban structures like large shopping malls and over-dimensioned streets had devoured rural charm and most of the man-size structures.
Balfour Street Park is a small scale neighbourhood park in Sydney created within the existing geometry of local streets and partial closure of Balfour Street. The pocket park forms a gateway to the new urban village of Central Park, formerly Carlton United Brewery, to become a pedestrian connection between the inner city suburbs of Chippendale and Broadway.
Located in the city center of Brussels, close to Brussels-South Station, the Liverpool Park used to be urban wasteland. Today it has been transformed into a recreational, eco-friendly green space. Initiated in 2010 by the District Contract ‘Lemmens’, this new green lung has been created in close cooperation with the inhabitants and users of the neighbourhood in order to provide a real breath of fresh air in the dense fabric of this industrial area of Brussels.
Inspired by a program defined together with public participation, the park offers a variety of recreational functions meant for diverse visitors. A playground, sports ground, table games and a water garden form a playful project that is built around a winding path for people with reduced mobility.
Hapa Collaborative and Vancouver Park Board consulted with Mount Pleasant residents and business people, and produced three park visions. Based on community response, a preferred hybrid concept was generated, with refuge, gathering, connections and site history as its main principles.
When commissioned as designers for the new Physic Garden at Novartis Campus, Basel, Switzerland, the idea of trying to create a modern version of the medieval monastery garden intrigued us. It would add a depth of time to the place, as well as symbolic content: the monastery garden represents the very origin of pharmacy as a science and thus the activity of Novartis as a company.
Vanke, Xijiu Plaza is located at the centre of Shipingqiao retail hub. Vanke Group has the vision of developing Xijiu Plaza into a vibrant urban space for the younger generation to work, live and play. Previously a hospital site, it will be redeveloped as an urban mixed-use development ...