Public Gardens

The design reduces visual clutter giving the impression of a series of “rooms” enclosed only by the impressive tree canopy. The inclusion of the two decks allows direct movement through the site whilst providing three clear zones of occupation which can be utilised by the local community and COFA alike.
Reclaiming the streets of a village dominated by traffic by the means of landscape architecture: That was the basic task in designing a new centre for Ebikon near Lucerne. Despite its attractive location amidst a picturesque hilly landscape by the lake „Rotsee“, Ebikon appeared to be designed for transit: Suburban structures like large shopping malls and over-dimensioned streets had devoured rural charm and most of the man-size structures.
Zorlu Center is located in Levent / Istanbul a central location, close to the bridge and important districts of the city. It rests on a total area of 105000m² and with its floor gardens; it is coming up to 100000m² of designed landscape areas. As a result of its settlement on possibly the highest profiled site in Istanbul, it has the chance to have an excellent Bosphorus and the city view. Zorlu Center shelters a base structure that is also the substructure of the landscape topography and four towers rising on it.
The Hollister Courthouse is located in an agricultural area near California’s Central Valley. The landscape design was inspired by the long, linear patterns of the local vernacular landscape. These patterns seem at once to be the essence of the modern and of the archaic, as can be seen in the context photos. They call to mind the fascination that American agricultural structures held for early modern architects such as Le Corbusier and Adolf Loos.
The design leads the way in the integration of landscape-based therapy tools. The rehabilitation courtyards incorporate pathways of various distances and obstacles to navigate; providing everyday challenges, such as navigating kerbs, slopes and stairs that allow patients and therapists to set goals and measure recovery.
The SUNY Simons Center for Geometry and Physics focuses on mathematical physics and the underlying geometry of nature. The institution required Dirtworks, PC to create a setting that enhances interdisciplinary cooperation among resident researchers (specifically between the departments of physics and mathematics) and deepen an appreciation of the center's work for the larger university community.
Teleki Square is located in Budapest's centre's socially most diverse and colorful areas, in one of the city's most disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Following a successful EU tender for funding the renovation of the square, an inclusive community-based planning process was initiated ...
The renovation of Jubilee Gardens was completed in time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration in 2012 and as a key public venue for the London 2012 Olympics. The park, a spectacular green public space along the Thames is now a focal point on the South Bank, adjacent to the London Eye, between Festival Hall and County Hall.
Brookfield Place in Perth is a new mixed-use precinct that has transformed the city’s central business district, bringing life into an area that was long neglected and void of activity. The vibrant destination now attracts people by the thousands, as home to the world’s largest resources company and some of the Perth’s best restaurants and leisure activities.
The project develops all the relations, consciously or unconsciously, between the traveler and the world of the train. The differences of levels of the garden evoke the platform, the 42 meters long bench calls back the length of trains and seats in the past. The impression of speed is translated by the linearity of coverings and by the organization of the vegetable pallet. The whole project is centered around identity elements such as the metallic blades on the ground, which object reference in rails and a model of lighting which reminds the drawing of the catenary posts.