Zorlu Center is located in Levent / Istanbul a central location, close to the bridge and important districts of the city. It rests on a total area of 105000m² and with its floor gardens; it is coming up to 100000m² of designed landscape areas. As a result of its settlement on possibly the highest profiled site in Istanbul, it has the chance to have an excellent Bosphorus and the city view. Zorlu Center shelters a base structure that is also the substructure of the landscape topography and four towers rising on it.
One Central Park is a new landmark mixed use project which forms a significant architectural gateway to Sydney’s downtown. This high profile project on the former Carlton United Brewery site, is the first stage of the Central Park development. One Central Park comprises two residential towers and a lower retail podium addressing the site’s Broadway frontage.
The design leads the way in the integration of landscape-based therapy tools. The rehabilitation courtyards incorporate pathways of various distances and obstacles to navigate; providing everyday challenges, such as navigating kerbs, slopes and stairs that allow patients and therapists to set goals and measure recovery.
300 Ivy is a LEED Platinum mixed-use development situated in an area that that remains from the demolished San Francisco Central Freeway. The Landscape Architectural scope of work included an innovative Streetscape, on-structure patios, courtyards, and a large Protea garden with an outdoor kitchen. The project also included the design of custom furniture, stone paving, fencing and metal work, and site amenities. The main concept for the spatial design was one of " Mountain Climbing" ...
The SUNY Simons Center for Geometry and Physics focuses on mathematical physics and the underlying geometry of nature. The institution required Dirtworks, PC to create a setting that enhances interdisciplinary cooperation among resident researchers (specifically between the departments of physics and mathematics) and deepen an appreciation of the center's work for the larger university community.
The geometric patterns of landscape design, like circles, ovals and ellipses, pay a lot attention to the survival form of the Dehesa land in the western part of Spain where trees have big canopies and under their shadows many other plants and animals can live because of low temperature and high humidity in contrast with outside where sun’s heat does not allow grass can grow.
The Rotterdam Roof park is developed in the so called ‘Four Harbours’ Strip: an elongated strip of no-man’s land not far from the city centre of Rotterdam. The assignment is to integrate the development of 85.000m2 of offices, shops and schools with a sea dyke and a public park on top. This project works as a catalyst in the urban transformation of the harbours, and will form a new landmark along the ‘Park lane’ which is one of the most important roads of Rotterdam.
Sishane Park is a bold shift regarding the public spaces in the center of Istanbul. Located between the southwestern edge of Beyoglu and Tarlabasi Road, the site used to be a park with a fire station that was connected to the water front before the road with a heavy traffic was built in the 70s. With reference to that, the geometry of Sishane Park is carefully crafted to give a 360 view of Istanbul's past and future urban cultures.
Inspired by the form of a native orchid leaf, the new state-of-the-art Visitor Centre creates a landmark facility that re-connects people to the environmental issues of the 21st Century including water and energy conservation, topics of re-use and recycling, the aesthetic value of our native plant ecology, further concepts in sustainable building and design. The project is designed to exceed LEED Platinum, and is registered for the Cascadia Green Building Council’s Living Building Challenge (LBC) 2.0.
A multi-level intensive green roof and landscaped plazas, provide a public park, food courts, and gathering areas. The 2.0 acre third floor roof garden over the retail mall structure functionally and visually links the office towers, hotel/residential tower, retail mall, dining establishments and cultural center.
The location is shaped with different charackterized courtyards. On the one hand the gardenyard which offers cozy retreats within the plantation of large shrubs and hidden playing islands, on the other hand the so called cityyard, which is orientated to the public space. It is dominated by a big square  with huge treetroughs and seatings in the shadow.