"Linked only by small pathways at its entrances, the new retails appeared to be cut apart from public footpath by the ventilation void of the parking lots. Also, looking back from the street, from their eye level, pedestrians will only see the plinth of the building. Considering the mentioned conditions, we found that our main task should be the area outside the mall, and our main goal should be to improve the walking environment of the public instead."
Hapa Collaborative and City of Langley worked together to revitalize McBurney Lane as a social space in the heart of downtown Langley. Strengthening pedestrian connections through the Lane, creating flexible spaces to accommodate a variety of programming, and integrating permeable surfaces, drought tolerant planting and rainwater infiltration as part of the City’s sustainability agenda.
Brookfield Place in Perth is a new mixed-use precinct that has transformed the city’s central business district, bringing life into an area that was long neglected and void of activity. The vibrant destination now attracts people by the thousands, as home to the world’s largest resources company and some of the Perth’s best restaurants and leisure activities.
The city of Celje is the third largest city in Slovenia and its well-preserved paved Roman streets, magnificent castles and the remnants of the medieval walls in the city centre bear witness to its rich history that dates back to the Celts and the Romans. Today, Celje constitutes an administrative, business, economic, cultural, educational and tourist centre of the region. The renewed old city centre gave it a new and attractive image.
The introduction of an underground car park in the city-centre at the Square of the Liberation in Troyes was the original reason of the re-qualification of the area. Thanks to the construction works of the underground structure and the clearing of some existing trees, a major perspective opened up towards the cathedral, making it obvious that a larger perimeter should be taken into account when rethinking the city center, including three city gardens and the Seine Chanel.
Channel Center is an imaginative mixed-use project in the historic “100 Acre district” of South Boston, adjacent to Fort Point Channel. Halvorson Design is providing design services for more than 3 acres of new public spaces, including the large two acre community park will be a neighborhood destination that will serve the growing Fort Point neighborhood.
Schwäbisch Gmünd, a mid-sized town in southern Germany, has engineered a far-reaching urban redevelopment process resulting in a new green heart for the city. This comprehensive project has structurally reoriented the inner city, including its traffic patterns. Historical urban structures were re-exposed, new urban axes were formed and expansive public spaces were built.
In the middle of the last century the elegant boulevard was transformed into a pulsating arterial road, with little thought for pedestrians. The aim today is to transform the polluted and noisy inner Mariahilfer Straße into a traffic restricted zone. The main goal is to provide a greater quality of life for residents, visitors, local businesses and shops.
Georgia Street, located at the heart of the historic Wholesale District and a spine that connected the new major venues, was identified at the time as an important corridor for future improvement. However, it would not see the impetus for its realization until 2009, when City leaders recognized the unique potential the street offered to their bid for hosting the 2012 Super Bowl. By bringing together the original hopes for Georgia Street with new aspirations of a green, pedestrian-centered, outdoor event venue, the city gained a contemporary public space that anchors the convention and entertainment district.
French studio Mutabilis paysage & urbanisme shared with us their project in Mulhouse, France. They transformed an ex parking lot into a vibrant square surrounded by busy streets of the old city. Metal cogs were placed as a part of granite pavement pattern since wheel has been the symbol of the Mulhouse city.
A narrow site demarcates the immediate surroundings of the church, creating a new forecourt. This cascades downwards, forming up to three steps, which accommodate the height differentiation of the site, created by the original churchyard.
The Stationsstraat is the main shopping street in the centre of Sint-Niklaas and is the central axis between the Grote Markt and the train station. The profile, use of materials and the present green areas of the old site puts the focus on the traffic situation in disadvantage of the quality of life.
The requalification of the main street to Oullins, more than an embellishment is one of main advantages of the revitalization of the city center, in parallel the future arrival of the subway.
Against the current of what has been occurring with the new private developments, these interventions seek to highlight the importance of public, collective space both to the city and to society, from the perspective of effectively transforming ...
60,000 people pass through Pitt Street Mall on an average summer weekday. Its retail rental rates are amongst the highest in the world. However over the past two decades, the Mall’s public domain had deteriorated due to the intensive levels of pedestrian traffic and incessant re-development of adjacent major retail stores and arcades.
Sensitive urban designing with rainwater as a vibrant feature underlies the total success of the development. As a result, the location has become desirable. The amazing neighborhood feeling is complimented by the practicality of the site being 5 minutes walk to both the train station ...