Water features

The State Horticultural Show Landau 2015 represents a model conversion project encompassing more than 27 hectares of land and a budget of 13 million Euros ... It will provide a framework for the future development of a new residential quarter as well as a sport and recreation campus on the grounds of the former military facilities there.
The major goal was to create a large urban park in the heart of the city thereby capturing the sensuality of nature. The park would give the city the green space it lacked, while showing that it could take an ecological vocation by a return to nature in the city.
The ChonGae Canal Restoration Project is an ambitious redevelopment initiative that transformed the urban fabric of Seoul, Korea. This design was the winning project in an international competition and celebrates the source point of cleansed surficial and sub grade runoff from the city at the start of this seven mile green corridor. The main competition requirement was to highlight the future reunification of North and South Korea.
The Velenje "Promenada" is an important city space and a vital city thoroughfare. It is one of the central axes of the centre of Velenje, a young town designed in the 1950s, based on the Modernist ideal of the garden city; as such, it is unique in the Slovene space.
Gillespies was commissioned to transform the centre of Telford by developing the public realm for the new Southwater One district, a vibrant and identifiable community, leisure and retail destination. Gillespies responded to the brief to create an extension of Telford’s existing town centre and create a distinctive, captivating new landscape that linked the town with the park beyond.
An ambitious public realm scheme has recently been completed in Watford Town Centre. The £4.3m scheme for Watford Borough Council and Hertfordshire County Council has transformed the area known as The Parade into a key civic space with the flexibility and capacity to accommodate a variety of outdoor events, and attract a wide range of visitors throughout the day and evening ...
The SUNY Simons Center for Geometry and Physics focuses on mathematical physics and the underlying geometry of nature. The institution required Dirtworks, PC to create a setting that enhances interdisciplinary cooperation among resident researchers (specifically between the departments of physics and mathematics) and deepen an appreciation of the center's work for the larger university community.
Along the length of the landmarked Fifth Avenue façade, OLIN’s design for The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s four-block-long plaza enhances one of New York City’s most significant public gathering spaces. OLIN led the design to prioritize the pedestrian experience and create a welcoming urban destination ...
Zollhallen Plaza is new counterpart for the historic customs hall which was restored in 2009. The plaza is a fine example of water sensitive urban design, as it is disconnected from the sewer system. Beautiful planters provide infiltration points, and subsurface gravel trenches with innovative in-built filter medium reduce the hydraulic overload on the sewer system. Indented plaza areas create a surface flood zone. No rain water is fed to the sewer system, instead the groundwater table is recharged.
The biggest garden exhibition event in the German south-western state of Baden-Wuerttemberg is the Landesgartenschau (state garden exhibition). Every other year a city, selected in a defiant competition, has the chance to improve it’s infrastructure and green/blue system through this exhibition. For the event in 2014 the ancient city of Schwaebisch-Gmuend was selected ...
In 2011, together with Polyform Arkitekter, Karres en Brands won the international competition for the redesign of the museum garden of the Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen. The design, ‘SMK tilbage i Parken’ (SMK returns in the Park) connects the museum garden with the Østre Anlæg park, located on the city’s former fortifications. With this, the SMK will become naturally embedded in the park, by which it in fact revises the previous situation.
In the course of land recultivation of a mining area as part of a cement plant near the village of Dormettingen, not only agricultural land is being restored but a new park is being created, adding sustainable value for people and nature. Instead of clearing away the remnants of the extraction of resources left here, the site is given back to residents and visitors as a nature theme park and event setting.
The winner of the competition for landscape architecture, announced in 2010, was the project oben I unten (up I down) from Planetage landscape architects and Planwirtschaft in collaboration with Ramser Schmid architects. The jury report praised “the clever insertion of a customized fitting component between the upper and the lower level with a surprising and convincing layout of the terrain edge. This is where new offers for a ‚stay’ are concentrated.”
The planning of the open spaces is based on the urban planning compositional principle: public promenades and a semi-public square with a base, supporting the buildings above. As a result, the square has become an integral part of the overall composition and part of the building base. The colour scheme and texture of the materials plays a significant role ...
The Rotterdam Roof park is developed in the so called ‘Four Harbours’ Strip: an elongated strip of no-man’s land not far from the city centre of Rotterdam. The assignment is to integrate the development of 85.000m2 of offices, shops and schools with a sea dyke and a public park on top. This project works as a catalyst in the urban transformation of the harbours, and will form a new landmark along the ‘Park lane’ which is one of the most important roads of Rotterdam.
The Shoreline Walk project by Gustafson Porter is a proposal for a sequence of new public squares linked together as a linear route within the heart of downtown Beirut, Lebanon ... Situated to the south of the Old Shoreline Walk, Zeytoune Square is a key link to the surrounding city. The square will become a celebration of modern Beirut and a place for cultural activities. Terraces make utilise the existing slope to provide open space for cultural activities, such as concerts, festivals, films.