Water features

The Treasury Courtyards between St. James Park and Whitehall occupies two roughly square cut outs that once served as light wells in the Treasury’s classic architectural form, the courtyards feature an east-west circulation route that that links to an interior central court. Within each courtyard the axis is intensified by a perpendicular movement, resulting in a cruciform framework that is then softened in plan.
Located at Dongguan, China, Vanke Architecture Research Center (VARC) focuses on housing industry related studies. It will become the research base of special architectural material, low-energy consumption methodology and eco-landscape study. Environmental friendly material development is the focus of eco-landscape study, such as the application of precast concrete modules in future real-estate projects, the exploration of different types of pervious materials and plant selection and arrangement etc.
The West Harlem Piers Park is a dramatic transformation of space that had been lost to the community for many years. Our design leadership over a nine year period terminated a 30 year struggle by the community to regain their waterfront and renew their connection to the river. A narrow 69,000 sf parking lot has been expanded through creative planning into a 105,526 sf park that re-imagines the threshold between the city and the Hudson in a sustainable and meaningful way.
Gustafson Porter’s proposal for Woolwich Squares, encompassing Beresford Square, Greens End and General Gordon Square (approx 1ha), signifies the consolidation of a fragmented Woolwich Town Centre, rejuvenating its public spaces, and bringing people back into the heart of Woolwich, both socially and commercially.
The courtyard, a compact cube of approximately 30 x 30 x 30 metres, embodies a sense of sanctity. It has been created through the convalescence of various architectural facades that stand in stark contrast to one another in terms of material and topographical design. These surfaces complement the light shell limestone floor, which is home to a built-in water feature. The ever-changing light reflects in dynamic patterns against the facades, imbuing the space with theatrical movement.
Gustafson Porter Shared with us one of their classics. "The work to turn the design of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain from an artist's impression into reality involved skilled craftsmen from across the UK and groundbreaking high-tech production techniques previously used in the automotive industries."
Congratulations to Gustafson Guthrie Nichol for 2014 ASLA Award of excellence for their project Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Campus. The 2014 Awards Jury comments: "It’s beautifully crafted, elegantly detailed and serves as a new model for an urban campus ... It has altered the way employees interact with the space"
The Ravelijn "Op den Zoom" is a fortress-island of the city of Bergen op Zoom in The Netherlands which is made in the beginning of the 18th century by Menno van Coehoorn, a famous fortress builder. This is the only "ravelijn" of him still present. The fortress was originally only accessible by boat , so supplies and soldiers had to be rowed the 80 meters to the fortress.
On the morning of July 29, from 11 AM to 1:30 PM, the community of Eskenazi Health, civic leaders, and designers came together to celebrate the opening of The Commonground, a civic gathering place focused on community, serenity and wellness for patients, visitors and employees of the Eskenazi Health campus.
Bradford’s City Park designed by Gillespies includes the UK’s largest urban water feature and tallest city fountain
The site is situated amongst a tranquil neighbourhood of high-end residential area of Bangkok. The neighbourhood is the low density private housing with garden spaces. Introduction of this high density development in the area is quite a sensitive issue for the neighbours.
ROTUNDA is an elemental garden, based on an atmospheric and poetic perception of materials, light, plants and the passing of time. It is a reflection on the fundamental themes of the art of the garden.
Starting with a nautical nostalgia theme, Sanitas envisaged the land as an abstract form of the ocean. It would contain different elements of islands and seascape such as jungle, villages and a floating house.
Central to the master plan, Granary Square is the largest public space created at King’s Cross Central, roughly equal in size to Trafalgar Square. This open space is adjacent to the historically listed Granary building, originally designed by Lewis Cubitt in 1852 ...
Redesign of a city square on top of a new underground garage and a subterranean rainwater retention basin amidst the vivid multicultural quarter Ixelles in Brussels
Wu Wei is a renovation project of two mansions and an adjoining old printworks in a well-being centre in Kortrijk. The site of 5000m² is a unique combination of hotel, restaurant, spa, seminar and meeting rooms. The project is located at the back of the station in the middle of a residential neighborhood of stately mansions and city gardens.
//hapo is the Khoi word for dream. It is the name given to the newly opened museum at the prestigious Freedom Park in Tshwane, South Africa, designed by GREENinc + Newtown Landscape Architects together with Office of Collaborative Architects (OCA).
Hyllie plaza is a city square, designed as a stylized beech forest which is put in a floor of high finish. 28 grown-up beech trees have been planted in 12 slits cut into solid granite.
The HASSELL design for Palm Island was inspired by the city’s position at the convergence of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers. It visually connects the reservoir and the lake; capitalising on the inherent qualities of the existing bodies of water and extending them to create a spectacular, uninterrupted waterscape and an inimitable dining experience.
When commissioned as designers for the new Physic Garden at Novartis Campus, Basel, Switzerland, the idea of trying to create a modern version of the medieval monastery garden intrigued us. It would add a depth of time to the place, as well as symbolic content: the monastery garden represents the very origin of pharmacy as a science and thus the activity of Novartis as a company.
Water sources for this former wetland has been cut, and the wetland is under the threat of disappear. Turenscape’s strategy is to transform the dying wetland into an urban stormwater park, which will provide multiple ecosystems services for the new community. The result is a great success.
The Stationsstraat is the main shopping street in the centre of Sint-Niklaas and is the central axis between the Grote Markt and the train station. The profile, use of materials and the present green areas of the old site puts the focus on the traffic situation in disadvantage of the quality of life.
Located in the Advanced Technology Industries Development Zone of Zhengzhou, Vanke City is one of the biggest new town developments in China. Spanning more than 100 hectares, Zhengzhou Vanke City will provide homes for more than 30,000 households in the coming decade.