The Infinite Bridge is a sculpture by danish architect studio Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter built and exhibited in connection with the international biennale, Sculpture by the Sea 2015, that takes place in the scenic coastal landscape surrounding the city of Aarhus.
The ChonGae Canal Restoration Project is an ambitious redevelopment initiative that transformed the urban fabric of Seoul, Korea. This design was the winning project in an international competition and celebrates the source point of cleansed surficial and sub grade runoff from the city at the start of this seven mile green corridor. The main competition requirement was to highlight the future reunification of North and South Korea.
Gillespies was commissioned to transform the centre of Telford by developing the public realm for the new Southwater One district, a vibrant and identifiable community, leisure and retail destination. Gillespies responded to the brief to create an extension of Telford’s existing town centre and create a distinctive, captivating new landscape that linked the town with the park beyond.
Poppy Plaza is the first of a series of planned public spaces along The Memorial Drive Landscape of Memory, a 9.5 km pathway that runs parallel to Memorial Drive and is designed to honour the sacrifices of Canadians during wartime. The design solution hinges on two distinct and interrelated surfaces: one of wood and the other of weathering steel ...
Located on the shores of the Parramatta River at the northern end of the Rhodes Peninsula John Whitton Bridge Open Space provides a contemporary multi-functional open space under the historic John Whitton and Meadowbank pedestrian and rail bridges that links between the east and west sides of Rhodes. The design of the public open space for the John Whitton Bridge project creates a simple spatial structure which seeks to provide maximum community benefit and cater for a wide range of recreational opportunity and flexibility.
Grorudparken (Grorud Park) is one of four new neighbourhood parks in Groruddalen. The park introduces facilities for athletics, play, recreation, youth programmes, social interaction, and cultural activities for the diverse local population ... The River Alna is the central element of the landscape master plan, which integrates existing cultural and historical artefacts with new landscape experiences, while also facilitating greater visual and physical access to the river itself ...
The International Horticultural Exposition 2014 opened in Qingdao on April 25th; the two service centers, “Heavenly Water (Tianshui)” and “Earthy Pond (Dichi)”, are named after the two extant lakes on Baiguo Mountain where the buildings are respectively located.
Janet Rosenberg & Studio: As part of the City of Welland’s downtown revitalization plan, Janet Rosenberg & Studio was commissioned to design a new civic square and park that would strengthen connections to the adjacent canal and reorganize the public space to encourage more pedestrian activity in the city core.
Fisktorget was once a market place for selling fish. Today it is more of a recreational space, with splendid views over a bay, surrounded by the city, and also the departure point for boats going around in the archipelago. The project is right at the edge of the water and is designed as one part of granite and another part of wood. These two are laid out as an L-shape along the quay.
In the course of land recultivation of a mining area as part of a cement plant near the village of Dormettingen, not only agricultural land is being restored but a new park is being created, adding sustainable value for people and nature. Instead of clearing away the remnants of the extraction of resources left here, the site is given back to residents and visitors as a nature theme park and event setting.