The 'University Quarter Essen' is developed on a former railway site in the inner city of Essen, that had been wasteland for almost 30 years. By revitalizing this about 13 hectare large plot, the 'University Quarter – Essen's Green Centre' is developed as an urban quarter for residential and commercial use - advertised with the slogan 'Living in the middle of the city centre'.
For the past ten years the Rijkswaterstaat, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, have been working to strengthen some weak links in the coast. Alongside building the required coastal defence, the coast zone investments also ensure that Katwijk remains a tourist destination and supporting the local economy of seaside towns. With the need to strengthen the Katwijk coast, care is taken to preserve the value of the existing town and, ultimately, how this can also be made stronger.
The design of the area surrounding the new harbour building serves two purposes: tourist appeal and future standard of living. At present, the harbour area functions as a tourist hub. Eventually, when the planned residential area will be realized, the area will come to function as the centre of Blauwestad. The design of the public space anticipates this future dual function.
The site is situated where the old Kockums Crane once stood, a 138-metre high gantry crane built in 1973 and a landmark for the inhabitants of Malmö ... The main feature on Kranplatsen is a large, elevated wooden deck framed with smooth concrete walls. A steel pergola adds an industrial touch to the site ...
The park of Passeligne Pélissier in the city of Boé is the  result of a wide reflection on the multiple forms of the nature and the landscapes in the scale of the urban conglomeration of Agen. The creation of the park is connected to the development of two successive stories: The one about the agricultural domain of Pélissier, and the other about the industrial landscape of gravel pits.
Urbicus: The ‘planches de Madine’ are a unique architectural, urban and landscaping object in total harmony with the site. From buildings and squares to promenades, the boards are a symbol of Madine’s renewal. The deck ‘s relief emphasizes the topography of the site, its undulations greet the buildings and create its furniture, with the walker traveling above and below the buildings. The deck brings a stroke of modernity to the site’s image and follows the global design direction of the lake’s identity.
Saulkrasti were looking for their niche among the seaside towns and decided to focus on tourism, recreation and various annually organized entertainment events. A big plus for such events are spacious venues directly near the sea where in addition to sports and cultural activities you can enjoy romantic mood, the sea and sunset landscape. As a result the idea to improve the central part of the beach territory and create the Sea park was born. The project area consists of primary and secondary dune ramparts and has barely flat territory between the dunes.
The works concerning the layout of the Western seafront of Balestrate were carried out in an area that, although not highly anthropized, becomes very densely populated in the summertime for the strong tourist attraction due to the presence of numerous seaside resorts ... The plan, with small but significant changes to the state of the place, intended to preserve and enhance the landscape and the natural features of the site, mitigating the environmental impact of the road on the coast line.
Mulini Beach is located in an attractive area of Rovinj, on the exit from the central part of the city and in the continuation of the promenade, in front of hotels Monte Mulini, Lone and Eden, wrapped in a rich green public park and green forest protective areas. It is an extension of the city’s public area and the promenade whose primary function is to connect the city of Rovinj and park Punta Corrente. An extremely important factor in the design of the beach was the relationship to existing terrain ...
Ilex landscape architects shared with us new photos of Parc des Iles, so we are bringing it back in focus. Enjoy!
Situated in Northeast part of Jinfeng District in Yinchuan city,the Aiyi River Waterfront Park is adjacent to the new area of the city. It is every city’s dream to have a beautiful waterfront. You cannot find a more perfect setting than the Aiyi River to realize such a dream. However, the distressing fact is that the existing waterfront is poorly-made and, not only divides the water from the city, but also fails to solve the environmental problems of the city.
Tai O is an old fishing village rich in heritage, and once home of salt industries. It is now developed as a rural fishing village, a popular tourist attraction with traditional residential and commercial streets. Tai O lies on a low lying coastal area on the western side of Lantau Island, the major priority was to resolve the flooding problems occasionally experienced in Tai O.
Respect for rich histories of the Navy Yard guides the design of a refashioned campus of creativity for retailer Urban Outfitters (URBN). Obsessively reworking traces of past productivity rebrands salvaged materials with an artistic vengeance, generating revitalizes community and ecological performance.
Unscathed by Superstorm Sandy's brackish inundation, Segment 5 is an enormously popular park in the formerly "parkless" Chelsea. The outward-looking centerpiece of the 5-mile Hudson River Park, itself a miracle of 30 years of public advocacy, Segment 5 is a resourceful and truly public space born of vocal neighborhood demand.
Close to Étretat, the small resort of Veules-les-Roses is where Victor Hugo found refuge. It suffered from bomb damage during the Second World War and then from the post-war reconstruction, which channeled the river and cover it with a parking lot ...
The Bondi to Bronte coast walk is a part of the nationally significant 9km coastal walk from Sydney’s South Head to Maroubra. The project resolves complex geotechnical, structural and heritage conditions to retain the significant cliff top heath community and the remarkable hanging swamps along the exposed sandstone platforms.
In 2009, Turenscape was commissioned by the Liupanshui Municipal Government to working on the planning and design of the ecological security patterns and ecological infrastructure, and the ecological restoration and landscape renovation of Shuicheng River. Utilizing landscape approaches at both macro and micro scales, the designers have been able to revitalize and upgrade the ecological, recreational and social value of the Mother River.
Green Park, a business park near Reading, designed in the mid 1990s, is a National winner in the Civic Trust Awards 2014.  Place Design and Planning, a south London-based landscape architecture practice, has been responsible for the 195 acres landscape scheme and continues to develop it with the current owners, Oxford Properties, and Broadgate Estates, the facilities management company.
Stockholm is a city on the water. The city landscape is an archipelago consisting of a mosaic of hilly, convex islands. This is the essential quality of the Swedish capital. Sjövikstorget square makes use of this quality. It opens up towards the water and thus includes the larger landscape in its design. To underscore this basic idea, the square is laid out as a flat plane which has then been tilted 3 % towards the view.
The Tagus Linear Park combines two different typologies of spaces: A single multifunctional area named ‘PRAIA DOS PESCADORES’ (FISHERMEN’S BEACH), set by the riverside within a former sand deposit, and 6 km of PEDESTRIAN TRAILS associated with dirt roads, waterlines banks (streams and drainage ditches), which converge to Praia dos Pescadores, coming from urban and natural areas.
The Flaubert eco-district is developed on a former port and industrial wasteland. This is the opportunity to create on site a blue and green structuring framework in connection with the Seine River and more generally in order to "restore nature in the city".
French studio Base landscape architecture completes it's quietly spectacular path along the river Saone, Lyon.
East Bayfront Water’s Edge Promenade is an active civic space and a successful precedent project for future development along Toronto’s waterfront. Flanked by two parks, the promenade is a pedestrian and cycling route, and a year-round venue for a variety of public events.
Canada’s Sugar Beach is an imaginative park that transformed a surface parking lot in a former industrial area in Toronto into a modern urban beachfront.
The design for Canada’s Sugar Beach, by Claude Cormier + Associés, draws upon the industrial heritage of the area and its relationship to the neighbouring Redpath Sugar factory.