Volketswil is a typical congregation in Zurich’s agglomeration, in which by 2005 the borders between city and landscape had blurred. The transition area was developing towards a faceless suburbia ... Referring to the glacial history of this area and its former use as a gravel pit, the park has a robust, stony and jet lush appearance, reminding of overgrown gravel pits or industrial areas.
SWA provided landscape architecture for Symantec’s new research and development complex in Chengdu, China. The design reinvigorated the formerly inactive area, linking the building program and connecting the site to the larger city. The scheme creates a “brocade” by weaving together the building and site programs, and forming an oasis amid the dense, urban location ...
This redesign for the historic promenade and plaza at 1111 Lincoln Road, developed concurrently with Herzog & de Meuron’s now-iconic parking garage, completely revitalized the westernmost block of Lincoln Road Mall. Native plants and hardscape elements are carefully placed to create various vantage points and visual corridors for pedestrians—one of the project’s main goals ...
The Annenberg Center for Information Science and Technology at the California Institute of Technology provides a modern center for collaborative research and instruction in the disciplines of science and engineering. The facility represents the most recent of Caltech’s sustainability initiatives and is currently being evaluated for LEED Gold certification.
Most cities with industrial pasts inherit problematic environmental futures. The Steel Yard’s cleanup is a showcase for regenerative design in a tough environment. Within industrial Providence, our project is a public intervention that upends commonly held notions of blighted neighbourhoods and shows the potential for real, actively engaged – not simply ‘adaptive’—re-use.
The redesign of the Altmarkt, Dresden’s oldest square, was subject to a multifaceted and complex requirement profile: the integration of a tram stop and an underground parking facility with 468 parking spaces into the area of the square, as well as the restructuring of the adjacent pedestrian areas. An urban, representative and multifunctional town plaza has emerged – an inner city “stage” with a high quality of stay.
The site is situated where the old Kockums Crane once stood, a 138-metre high gantry crane built in 1973 and a landmark for the inhabitants of Malmö ... The main feature on Kranplatsen is a large, elevated wooden deck framed with smooth concrete walls. A steel pergola adds an industrial touch to the site ...
At 800 metres long and 80 metres wide, Mekel Park lends a grandeur to the university and provides an enjoyable meeting place for the international community of teachers and students. Mekel Park forms a corridor for pedestrians, cyclists, skaters and public transport along a carefully composed network of paths. Three stops for buses and trams are located on the edge of an esplanade, called the Nieuwe Delft, which zigzags the length of the park.
Respect for rich histories of the Navy Yard guides the design of a refashioned campus of creativity for retailer Urban Outfitters (URBN). Obsessively reworking traces of past productivity rebrands salvaged materials with an artistic vengeance, generating revitalizes community and ecological performance.
The location is shaped with different charackterized courtyards. On the one hand the gardenyard which offers cozy retreats within the plantation of large shrubs and hidden playing islands, on the other hand the so called cityyard, which is orientated to the public space. It is dominated by a big square  with huge treetroughs and seatings in the shadow.
Redesign of a city square on top of a new underground garage and a subterranean rainwater retention basin amidst the vivid multicultural quarter Ixelles in Brussels
The project designs the urbanization of a foot path located on the South slope of the Puigcardener, a small hill where the history of Manresa began and where the present Old Town starts, in the South end of the town. The hill raises next to the Cardener river, taking advantage of its height, comparing to the level of the rest of the town, with a good view of the city entrance and the county surroundings.
The project converted a disused 19th Century reservoir into a public garden in an inner city suburb of Sydney. The project sought to subtly foster and maintain the strange atmosphere found in the subterranean structure.
Understanding the behavioural characteristics of the giant pandas was critical to designing an immersive environment that allows the animals to behave as they would in the wild within their 3,000 square metre enclosure.
The realized project has been very recently awarded with an Honorable Mention “Premio Paesaggio del Consiglio d’Europa 2012” because it can be considered a model for the design of degraded areas located around medieval Italian villages.
Public and private, past and future, art and engineering; are all integrated into the design, which reflects a commitment to public engagement, sustainability, and community. The partnership of city, community, and designers created a vibrant and iconic destination at the city’s heart.
As well as a being a new public space in the town of Lyngby, the plaza is the new face of the company BRFkredit. As such it is designed to be inviting, calm, and modern. It is furnished with elements that in scale correspond to the new HQ and the larger neighboring buildings.
The HASSELL design solution emphasises the courtyard’s importance as the university's heart, providing a flexible space for events, and clear and safe access. Areas of turf have been constructed within clearings giving students grassy areas for relaxation, where they can gather to talk and debate, or just sit quietly and think.