Side by side to the historic center of Potsdam, lies the green island “Freundschaftsinsel” (Island of Friendship). The island is defined by the junction of two arms of the river Havel. Nowadays, the island is one of the most popular parks in the historic parkland of Potsdam ...
The idea behind the design proposal for Sätra centrum was to develop and refine the local qualities of a southern suburban centre in Stockholm. Sätra centrum was built in the 1960s, and the project aimed to renew the area while preserving its time-typical forms and elements. The square immediately east of the subway station was restored carefully in line with its former 60s ideas ...
The SUNY Simons Center for Geometry and Physics focuses on mathematical physics and the underlying geometry of nature. The institution required Dirtworks, PC to create a setting that enhances interdisciplinary cooperation among resident researchers (specifically between the departments of physics and mathematics) and deepen an appreciation of the center's work for the larger university community.
Community Common is a neighbourhood park in downtown Mississauga adjacent to several new condominium developments. It is intended to become a year-round hub for communal events, activities, and everyday interactions. The goal behind our design of this park is to create a flexible and functional green space that can comfortably accommodate small and large groups of people.
The 'University Quarter Essen' is developed on a former railway site in the inner city of Essen, that had been wasteland for almost 30 years. By revitalizing this about 13 hectare large plot, the 'University Quarter – Essen's Green Centre' is developed as an urban quarter for residential and commercial use - advertised with the slogan 'Living in the middle of the city centre'.
The understanding of the global danger to ecosystems and the knowledge about the dramatic loss of plant species is growing. The Chenshan Botanic Garden can no longer function just as a scientific plant collection, but must also exhibit the great variety of botanic communities and their habitats. The garden should awaken an understanding for the earth ́s ecosystems in their beauty and for the danger they are exposed to.
The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) is a project fused between landscape and architecture, compression and revelation.  Situated on the banks of the Derwent River in Tasmania, MONA is the largest privately owned Museum in Australia. The museum holds a collection of rare ancient artefacts and contemporary works varying from Egyptian antiques, Greek and Roman coins, to sensational and provocative contemporary Australian, British and American art.
Heerenschürli serves as a hybrid sports complex and public park, giving the neighborhood facilities for organized sports as well as general leisure activities. A public square with seating and a restaurant are integrated into the complex; the lawns themselves are also public - openly accessible during the off-hours of the local athletic clubs.
Ilex landscape architects shared with us new photos of Parc des Iles, so we are bringing it back in focus. Enjoy!
The Warroad Land Port of Entry landscape design utilizes beautiful and economic materials to reflect the northern Minnesota vernacular and the dignity of the United States Government. The site is characterized by horizontal landscape interventions designed in response to the expansive horizon of the site and region.  The project created a distinctive landscape that complements the architecture in a thoughtful and contextual manner, while addressing issues of sustainability and serving the Port’s security and operational needs.
Unscathed by Superstorm Sandy's brackish inundation, Segment 5 is an enormously popular park in the formerly "parkless" Chelsea. The outward-looking centerpiece of the 5-mile Hudson River Park, itself a miracle of 30 years of public advocacy, Segment 5 is a resourceful and truly public space born of vocal neighborhood demand.
The Bondi to Bronte coast walk is a part of the nationally significant 9km coastal walk from Sydney’s South Head to Maroubra. The project resolves complex geotechnical, structural and heritage conditions to retain the significant cliff top heath community and the remarkable hanging swamps along the exposed sandstone platforms.
The decay of the forge by the end of the 60’s gave way to wide brownfield expanses and to an exceptional site by the water. It is against such a strong historical and geographical backdrop that the municipality has initiated the urban reorganisation of its town centre ...
Balfour Street Park is a small scale neighbourhood park in Sydney created within the existing geometry of local streets and partial closure of Balfour Street. The pocket park forms a gateway to the new urban village of Central Park, formerly Carlton United Brewery, to become a pedestrian connection between the inner city suburbs of Chippendale and Broadway.
Stockholm is a city on the water. The city landscape is an archipelago consisting of a mosaic of hilly, convex islands. This is the essential quality of the Swedish capital. Sjövikstorget square makes use of this quality. It opens up towards the water and thus includes the larger landscape in its design. To underscore this basic idea, the square is laid out as a flat plane which has then been tilted 3 % towards the view.
The area of the Leie in Kortrijk's town centre is the subject of major changes. The water course needed to be adapted to the new European norms for inland waterway traffic and the Leie has therefore been straightened and widened.
Hyllie plaza is a city square, designed as a stylized beech forest which is put in a floor of high finish. 28 grown-up beech trees have been planted in 12 slits cut into solid granite.
A narrow site demarcates the immediate surroundings of the church, creating a new forecourt. This cascades downwards, forming up to three steps, which accommodate the height differentiation of the site, created by the original churchyard.
A seemingly indestructible bunker with monumental status is sliced open. The design thereby opens up the minuscule interior of one of NDW’s 700 bunkers, the insides of which are normally cut off from view completely. In addition, a long wooden boardwalk cuts through the extremely heavy construction.
Canada’s Sugar Beach is an imaginative park that transformed a surface parking lot in a former industrial area in Toronto into a modern urban beachfront.
The design for Canada’s Sugar Beach, by Claude Cormier + Associés, draws upon the industrial heritage of the area and its relationship to the neighbouring Redpath Sugar factory.