Parque Quilapilún is the first Botanical Garden exclusively dedicated to represent and educate on local and regional flora in Chile. It is a mining compensation project that integrates several social and environmental requisites.
For a long time, the square Kungsbacka Torg acted as a car park which left little space for hustle and bustle. Now, the square has been transformed back into a meeting place for the town’s inhabitants.
The program includes park design (the blueprint for the "green seams" throughout the entire masterplan), landscape design (a qualitative improvement of de Koude Beek Valley), 172 community gardens and a reservation of about 30 additional gardens and a parking for about 50 cars ...
Fisktorget was once a market place for selling fish. Today it is more of a recreational space, with splendid views over a bay, surrounded by the city, and also the departure point for boats going around in the archipelago. The project is right at the edge of the water and is designed as one part of granite and another part of wood. These two are laid out as an L-shape along the quay.
The park design references the history and geography of the area and the Don River, and provides critical open green space for the growing and vibrant Rivertowne community. River plantings and sinuous benches frame old and new park elements. A central gathering space connects other park elements including community garden plots, a multi-function sport court, a bosque of trees and large grassy berms.
The geometric patterns of landscape design, like circles, ovals and ellipses, pay a lot attention to the survival form of the Dehesa land in the western part of Spain where trees have big canopies and under their shadows many other plants and animals can live because of low temperature and high humidity in contrast with outside where sun’s heat does not allow grass can grow.
The planning of the open spaces is based on the urban planning compositional principle: public promenades and a semi-public square with a base, supporting the buildings above. As a result, the square has become an integral part of the overall composition and part of the building base. The colour scheme and texture of the materials plays a significant role ...
The renovation of Jubilee Gardens was completed in time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration in 2012 and as a key public venue for the London 2012 Olympics. The park, a spectacular green public space along the Thames is now a focal point on the South Bank, adjacent to the London Eye, between Festival Hall and County Hall.
In 2004 a competition was launched by the nonprofit housing company GAG to achieve concepts for an urban area in the eastern part of Cologne. The winning entry to the competition by ASTOC architects and planners in team with urbane gestalt combines contemporary urban conditions with the 1950s spatial inventory.
The plan lies on a very particular geological site, known for its fossils abundance. For its scientific and educational environment, Pedreira do Campo is considered a natural monument.
The introduction of an underground car park in the city-centre at the Square of the Liberation in Troyes was the original reason of the re-qualification of the area. Thanks to the construction works of the underground structure and the clearing of some existing trees, a major perspective opened up towards the cathedral, making it obvious that a larger perimeter should be taken into account when rethinking the city center, including three city gardens and the Seine Chanel.
The Shoreline Walk project by Gustafson Porter is a proposal for a sequence of new public squares linked together as a linear route within the heart of downtown Beirut, Lebanon ... Situated to the south of the Old Shoreline Walk, Zeytoune Square is a key link to the surrounding city. The square will become a celebration of modern Beirut and a place for cultural activities. Terraces make utilise the existing slope to provide open space for cultural activities, such as concerts, festivals, films.
Urban Land Institute (ULI) has awarded Klyde Warren Park the 2014 Open Space Award, acknowledging the two-year-old park in Dallas, Texas as an outstanding achievement in urban placemaking. ULI’s annual competition recognizes successful public spaces that have socially and economically enriched and revitalized their communities.
The time of the Belle Epoque has now long ended taking with it most of De Panne's charm and the once chic coastal town gradually turned into a dull extension of the urbanised Belgian Riviera. Developments on the coastal landscape during the 20th century were too drastic and it became clear that at that rate, the town would never regain its former splendour. An ambitious regeneration plan was thus put into action by the local municipality ...
Georgia Street, located at the heart of the historic Wholesale District and a spine that connected the new major venues, was identified at the time as an important corridor for future improvement. However, it would not see the impetus for its realization until 2009, when City leaders recognized the unique potential the street offered to their bid for hosting the 2012 Super Bowl. By bringing together the original hopes for Georgia Street with new aspirations of a green, pedestrian-centered, outdoor event venue, the city gained a contemporary public space that anchors the convention and entertainment district.