Maria Park is a new public green area in the center of Vejle, a medium-sized municipality in Denmark ... The park is a centrally located green pivot point which easily accommodates large music and sporting events, a cozy picnic between trees, ice skating in the winter months, roller skating, ball games and much more … Sound system, stage spots and coloured lights can be activated by the public via smartphones and Bluetooth.
The site is in Chapultepec, the most important park of Mexico City. This part of the forest belongs to the Federal Government and was under the custody of the Secretariat of National Defense for many decades, so, first of all, the memorial project means the recuperation of 15,000 square meters of public space.
Place de la Brèche, a former fairground was located in the wet areas next to the town’s walls at the meeting point of the roads of Paris, Limoges and La Rochelle. During the 19th century, urban development and extension changed the shape of the town, shifting its centre of gravity: the former fairground became the new geometrical centre of the modern town ...
The major goal was to create a large urban park in the heart of the city thereby capturing the sensuality of nature. The park would give the city the green space it lacked, while showing that it could take an ecological vocation by a return to nature in the city.
A thick, dense and kind blanket, trimmed off to the necessary minimum, to transform a stark interior into a space for the people. The intervention takes place in the “Castillo de El Real de la Jara”, a fortress dating from the 14th century, located on the highest point of the hill right north of the village, in the county and Natural Park of the North Range of Sevilla ...
Zorlu Center is located in Levent / Istanbul a central location, close to the bridge and important districts of the city. It rests on a total area of 105000m² and with its floor gardens; it is coming up to 100000m² of designed landscape areas. As a result of its settlement on possibly the highest profiled site in Istanbul, it has the chance to have an excellent Bosphorus and the city view. Zorlu Center shelters a base structure that is also the substructure of the landscape topography and four towers rising on it.
West Point Foundry Preserve is the site of a former 19th-century foundry in the Village of Cold Spring, New York. The site occupies 87 acres of a dramatic, forested valley that opens up to the geologic expanse of the Hudson River. Scenic Hudson Land Trust selected Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects as prime designer to transform this post-industrial site into a park ...

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