The design reduces visual clutter giving the impression of a series of “rooms” enclosed only by the impressive tree canopy. The inclusion of the two decks allows direct movement through the site whilst providing three clear zones of occupation which can be utilised by the local community and COFA alike.
Landerneau is built around its river, the Elorn. Rethinking the public spaces along the quays therefore means rethinking the town’s relationship with its river. The quays arranged as a big, linear park on both of the river’s banks are a natural breathing space in the town and a place to experience its urban history.
28. Října Square (October 28th Square) is located at the major route connecting the railroad station and the town center, so many residents and visitors pass by this area. It also has been a natural spot for markets and gathering of people, but there was not the appropriate space for all these activities before the renewal. This became one of the reasons, why the town council decided to hold an architecture competition.
The Central Plaza continues a dynamic design language established with Arrival Square launched in 2013. As a precursor to a host of social and community programs for a new residential precinct, the plaza is envisioned to accommodate a high demand for civic spaces and recreational activities for its future residents.
Baan San Ngam, a low rise beach front condominium is situated in the Prachuabkirikhan province of Thailand. Located away from the typical tourist area, the site is surrounded by mangroves and grove wood forest with the backdrop of mountainous terrain in the distant. The varying ecological elements within the area from the sea, dunes, swamp, swale, mound and forest scape provides the site with an interesting topography and ground texture for the designer to experiment with ...
The program presents this new skatepark as a skate-square. The project works with the limits of the area, taking advantage of the gradients and the containment of the slopes in order to place all the elements for skate.
The Velenje "Promenada" is an important city space and a vital city thoroughfare. It is one of the central axes of the centre of Velenje, a young town designed in the 1950s, based on the Modernist ideal of the garden city; as such, it is unique in the Slovene space.
The Triangeln area in central Malmö used to be a quiet place, set apart from the busy main streets. The new City Tunnel station has transformed the area to become a hub for the region’s 37,000 commuters. Today, it is one of the city’s liveliest living rooms. In order to meet these new streams of people and their needs, the City of Malmö announced a competition to design new urban spaces around Triangeln.
McGregor Coxall worked with Hill Thalis Architects and Candalepas Associates Architects on this proposed 459 dwelling 17Ha sustainable residential neighbourhood on Anzac Parade, Little Bay. The project has a wide diversity of housing types carefully situated on a regular street grid that respects the coastal topography ...
The location of Israel Square is rich in opportunities and stretches between two worlds: the bustling covered market where thousands of people pass every day and the lush H.C. Ørsteds Park, where the people of Copenhagen enjoy the green space in the middle of the city. Israel’s Square is placed on top of the historic ramparts, which used to surround the city of Copenhagen, and was in the 1970’s rebuilt into a parking lot with Northern Europe’s largest underground parking garage.
Initiated by the city and selected through an international competition in 2008, POLA suggested with the Georgswall a new approach towards historic city preservation and garden heritage. Identification instead of reconstruction was the overarching theme. After 5 decades of ignoring the capacity of the small city park besides the Mayor Muller Plaza, a landfill of the former city harbor, both places now attracts people again ...