Extreme topography creates both a functional challenge to facilitate pedestrian and vehicle movement from the upper car-park to the sales centre at the lowest point; and a unique opportunity to provide a dynamic landscape – the ‘mountain‘.
The HASSELL design for Palm Island was inspired by the city’s position at the convergence of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers. It visually connects the reservoir and the lake; capitalising on the inherent qualities of the existing bodies of water and extending them to create a spectacular, uninterrupted waterscape and an inimitable dining experience.
Water sources for this former wetland has been cut, and the wetland is under the threat of disappear. Turenscape’s strategy is to transform the dying wetland into an urban stormwater park, which will provide multiple ecosystems services for the new community. The result is a great success.
Vanke, Xijiu Plaza is located at the centre of Shipingqiao retail hub. Vanke Group has the vision of developing Xijiu Plaza into a vibrant urban space for the younger generation to work, live and play. Previously a hospital site, it will be redeveloped as an urban mixed-use development ...
Located in the Advanced Technology Industries Development Zone of Zhengzhou, Vanke City is one of the biggest new town developments in China. Spanning more than 100 hectares, Zhengzhou Vanke City will provide homes for more than 30,000 households in the coming decade.
In China’s coal belt, Datong has been considered the most polluted city in the world. Wenying Lake, east of the city, once a prominent destination for leisure and trekking, became degraded as the city expanding rapidly in recent decades.
The historical and cultural background of the site formed the centre of the design concept and approaches, that Pak Tsz Lane was revitalized to become a park in Central district to retrace the old urban fabric and the veiled Furen Literary Society. The “Origin of Chinese Revolution” was therefore adopted as the design theme for the Park.
As a gateway for the city’s westward expansion, Lotus Lake Park had to define and demonstrate the character of the future public realm in the west.
The programs consist of a revitalized beach, floral gardens, urban amphitheatres, and multipurpose lawns. The design process emphasizes features that give Bengbu and Longzi Lake a clear and distinct identity. Important components include: minimizing earth-working to preserve the original land form; utilizing a low-impact design ...

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