Landscape architecture is always underrepresented in architecture exhibitions – this article re-examines the landscape front in Venice.
More than 40 years ago artist Christo developped the idea for the Floating Piers. After he found Lago d’Iseo in Northern Italy being the perfect place for this work, it went quick. More than 1.3 Million people had a striking haptic and visual experience walking on the orange Nylon tissue across the lake.
The train station square design is a part of the Padua railway development project, inside the European politics of extension of the transport networks of Community interest. It is conceived as a multimodal hub, that connects all scales transport, the high-speed and the regional railway, provincial and urban bus and the tram line that links the main Park and Rides metropolitan structures.
The works concerning the layout of the Western seafront of Balestrate were carried out in an area that, although not highly anthropized, becomes very densely populated in the summertime for the strong tourist attraction due to the presence of numerous seaside resorts ... The plan, with small but significant changes to the state of the place, intended to preserve and enhance the landscape and the natural features of the site, mitigating the environmental impact of the road on the coast line.
The area is characterised by industrial monuments worth to be preserved as well as by the river Dora, that in the scope of the project „Torino, Città d‘Acqua” should be rediscovered for the city. Main themes of the project are the connections to the bordering quarters and the development of the new banks along the re-opened waterway.
The river banks of Chiese have always been a meeting place for whole generations. Over the past 20 years, there has been a move away from activities that take place along the river. Currently, the quality of the landscape is appreciated mainly by ...
The design project for this small garden responds to the need for the construction of a car port, a storeroom, and to redesign the lawn space in the two adjoining areas of the house, the building of which dates back to the early18th century.
The work is defined by a series of lightweight structures that accompany the users of the area placed in the Regional Park of the Mincio in a process of interpretation of historical and cultural environment, capable of enhancing aspects of excellence in the area of the lower course of the river.
The realized project has been very recently awarded with an Honorable Mention “Premio Paesaggio del Consiglio d’Europa 2012” because it can be considered a model for the design of degraded areas located around medieval Italian villages.
A succession of citations and references give life to a bold fusion of form and functional decor in harmony with the richness and majesty of the existing structures, accentuated and enhanced by the minimalist and essential character of the proposed works, totally in keeping with their history and dynamics.

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