Beglinger + Bryan lays grounds for a rich ecosystem to emerge on its own in this in this pond merely by shaping the embankments. "Shallow water areas guarantee the survival of aquatic fauna. Embankments caused by terrain modelling at different angles and exposures will produce a high biodiversity."
Reclaiming the streets of a village dominated by traffic by the means of landscape architecture: That was the basic task in designing a new centre for Ebikon near Lucerne. Despite its attractive location amidst a picturesque hilly landscape by the lake „Rotsee“, Ebikon appeared to be designed for transit: Suburban structures like large shopping malls and over-dimensioned streets had devoured rural charm and most of the man-size structures.
Volketswil is a typical congregation in Zurich’s agglomeration, in which by 2005 the borders between city and landscape had blurred. The transition area was developing towards a faceless suburbia ... Referring to the glacial history of this area and its former use as a gravel pit, the park has a robust, stony and jet lush appearance, reminding of overgrown gravel pits or industrial areas.
The concept for the outdoor space surrounding the housing complex in Schwerzenbach draws its inspiration from the neighbouring Lake “Greifensee” and its wetland vegetation (grass, willow and poplar species), with the specific conditions of the site's soil. Groups of grasses and perennials of diverse heights divide and organize the space as architectural walls or volumes.
The winner of the competition for landscape architecture, announced in 2010, was the project oben I unten (up I down) from Planetage landscape architects and Planwirtschaft in collaboration with Ramser Schmid architects. The jury report praised “the clever insertion of a customized fitting component between the upper and the lower level with a surprising and convincing layout of the terrain edge. This is where new offers for a ‚stay’ are concentrated.”
The Sechseläutenplatz (Sechseläuten Square) is part of the overall project 'Opera House, Opera Parking and Sechseläuten Square' whose aim it is to enhance the public space between the Bellevue and the Opera House. The basis for the transformation of the former Sechseläuten Ground to the Sechseläuten Square was the political decision to replace the parking space in front of the Opera House by an underground parking.
The installation ‘Champ de bière’ places a common consumer good in its centre: beer, a beverage promoting conviviality and social exchanges. The project site is located near Confignon, at the crossroads of the urban expansion of the Genevese conurbations and the city’s agricultural belt. ‘Champ de bière’ reveals the landscapes associated with the production process of this highly consumed product, appropriate to the staging of a festival. From production to consumption, these landscapes are nested one inside the other.
Heerenschürli serves as a hybrid sports complex and public park, giving the neighborhood facilities for organized sports as well as general leisure activities. A public square with seating and a restaurant are integrated into the complex; the lawns themselves are also public - openly accessible during the off-hours of the local athletic clubs.
The courtyard, a compact cube of approximately 30 x 30 x 30 metres, embodies a sense of sanctity. It has been created through the convalescence of various architectural facades that stand in stark contrast to one another in terms of material and topographical design. These surfaces complement the light shell limestone floor, which is home to a built-in water feature. The ever-changing light reflects in dynamic patterns against the facades, imbuing the space with theatrical movement.
Parc, boulevard and promenade are the meeting places of the quarter. The blue blossoming tree allee of the boulevard was created as counterpart to the restored ditch. The wodded, contaminated backstop was transformed to a oversized tree-pot, in the Leutschenpark.
The new housing for Katzenbach is part of a general transformation process on the edge of Zurich replacing older “Garden Developments” with high-density housing.

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