In 2003 the City of Paris launched a tender for the Clichy Batignolles area for which the team of François Grether, town planner, Jacqueline Osty, landscape architect and OGI engineer firm, was selected. During the definition phase, the site was chosen to host the Olympic Village as part of Paris bid for 2012 Olympics.
Today, the neighborhood of Val Fourré, in Mantes-la-Jolie (France) faces the biggest urban change of its story. Bordered by the forest of Mantes, it was built in the sixties- near the Seine, in front of Vexin’s hillside. A town planning scheme made it possible to link the city of Mantes la jolie with the ones around, converting major roads into urban boulevards. 80 % of parkings initially private were moved to public area which gives more space.
The rehabilitation of the ‘park de la prefecture’ is an opportunity to improve its opening towards surrounding neighbourhoods. Designed in 1974 by Alain Provost, the park prefecture has retained its ‘green lung’ qualities but is isolated at present. Its rehabilitation will eventually open it towards surrounding facilities, shops and neighbourhoods.
The city of Perreux-sur-Marne has rethought its entire relation to its river, considering it as a major environmental, social, urban and political issue. The project aims at bringing back both the people and other species of plants and animals to the banks of the river Marne, by softening the water and urban edges. Concrete protections are turned into vegetal engeneering, and overflood is accepted, widening the spectrum of environements.
The Paris Zoological Park opened its doors again in April, 2014 after 27 months of renovation work that transformed it to the core while renewing the zoo’s existing strong points, most notably the gardens’ iconic Great Rock. 40% more landscaped space has been added to the original 1934 zoo, but most of all, it’s the evolving vision of the relationship between humans and animals that has been completely revisited.
The main idea of the project is to create an undulating green plinth stretching from facade to facade through the garden. The central concrete plateau takes the formal language of the general topography. The plateau and the accidental horizon generate various situations. Through the apertures one can sense the organic surface, giving the impression that the concrete plateau is suspended over the ground.
The analysis and research made on the teaching of the child and his perception of space work have enabled us to develop a program highlighting a dedicated early childhood space. The generous space of almost 1900m2, yet conscious of every detail, is divided into three parts: a plot, a raised area for adults and a  disbursed central area for children.
To mark the 54th birthday of the twinning of the cities of 'Asnières-sur-Seine' and 'Berlin- Spandau', the city of Asnières is creating a mail leading up to a future kindergarten – a mail is a large pedestrian path lined with trees and plantations in an urban environment. The mail 'Berlin- Spandau' is innovative in terms of landscape design being inspired by German principles which include maintenance, materials, and living spaces.
Located on former agricultural land and in front of buildings, the park serves as backbone for the new district of Montévrain. Its environments are fed by the rural landscape of the surrounding countryside: prairies, hedge-rows, small woods, and a vast wetland associated with the creation of a storm-water basin.
The wharf is arranged in a large sandstone paved esplanade. It forms a garden of cracks, where the joins draw lines moderately conducive to bio-diversity, and the environment. Parisian style trees and riparian forests are planted and climbing plants adorn the walls. The place is pedestrianised, road traffic is limited to the functional uses of a public and port area.
The redevelopment of the Place de la République is based on the concept of an open space with multiple urban uses. The elimination of the traffic circle frees the site from the dominating constraint of motor vehicle traffic. The creation of the concourse marks the return of calm in an airy, uncluttered two hectare space.

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