The Infinite Bridge is a sculpture by danish architect studio Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter built and exhibited in connection with the international biennale, Sculpture by the Sea 2015, that takes place in the scenic coastal landscape surrounding the city of Aarhus.
Place de la Brèche, a former fairground was located in the wet areas next to the town’s walls at the meeting point of the roads of Paris, Limoges and La Rochelle. During the 19th century, urban development and extension changed the shape of the town, shifting its centre of gravity: the former fairground became the new geometrical centre of the modern town ...
The Velenje "Promenada" is an important city space and a vital city thoroughfare. It is one of the central axes of the centre of Velenje, a young town designed in the 1950s, based on the Modernist ideal of the garden city; as such, it is unique in the Slovene space.
Grant Associates’ landscape design brief was to create a high quality landscape environment that would become a distinctive and exciting visitor attraction - a place which would capture a sense of history and place whilst reflecting on the contemporary themes of sustainability and technological innovation. The landscape is based on a strong narrative derived from the local landscape of the River Severn, Malvern Hills and the Elgar trail ...
The design leads the way in the integration of landscape-based therapy tools. The rehabilitation courtyards incorporate pathways of various distances and obstacles to navigate; providing everyday challenges, such as navigating kerbs, slopes and stairs that allow patients and therapists to set goals and measure recovery.
Brookfield Place in Perth is a new mixed-use precinct that has transformed the city’s central business district, bringing life into an area that was long neglected and void of activity. The vibrant destination now attracts people by the thousands, as home to the world’s largest resources company and some of the Perth’s best restaurants and leisure activities.
Sishane Park is a bold shift regarding the public spaces in the center of Istanbul. Located between the southwestern edge of Beyoglu and Tarlabasi Road, the site used to be a park with a fire station that was connected to the water front before the road with a heavy traffic was built in the 70s. With reference to that, the geometry of Sishane Park is carefully crafted to give a 360 view of Istanbul's past and future urban cultures.
Due to its exceptional location, the park will become an open-air museum of sorts, where the permanent exhibition on show is the city itself. The buildings immediately surrounding the park area reflect the full spectrum of Russian architecture from the 16th to 20th centuries: a life-size exhibition against a green backdrop.
The Tagus Linear Park combines two different typologies of spaces: A single multifunctional area named ‘PRAIA DOS PESCADORES’ (FISHERMEN’S BEACH), set by the riverside within a former sand deposit, and 6 km of PEDESTRIAN TRAILS associated with dirt roads, waterlines banks (streams and drainage ditches), which converge to Praia dos Pescadores, coming from urban and natural areas.
A cloud-like structure suspended above a floating bar and open-kitchen restaurant on the banks of Melbourne’s Yarra River will form the spectacular centrepiece of the 2014 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival presented by Bank of Melbourne when it opens to the public today.
A seemingly indestructible bunker with monumental status is sliced open. The design thereby opens up the minuscule interior of one of NDW’s 700 bunkers, the insides of which are normally cut off from view completely. In addition, a long wooden boardwalk cuts through the extremely heavy construction.
The HASSELL design for Palm Island was inspired by the city’s position at the convergence of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers. It visually connects the reservoir and the lake; capitalising on the inherent qualities of the existing bodies of water and extending them to create a spectacular, uninterrupted waterscape and an inimitable dining experience.
A former wasteland in the city-centre of Arnhem is transformed to an iconic park: A flourishing heather landscape with a huge statue of an Partyaardvark lying amidst of it. On it’s back, as if it has been partying to long.
Prince Arthur’s Landing transforms the City of Thunder Bay’s waterfront into a mixed-use village and animated waterfront park reconnecting the downtown to the shores of Lake Superior. The waterfront opened to the public December 2011, and has seen record attendance, the opening of several new businesses and over ten design excellence awards.
…I had this thought that a memorial should be a room and a garden. That’s all I had. Why did I want a room and a garden? I just chose it to be the point of departure. The garden is somehow a personal nature, a personal kind of control of nature, a gathering of nature. And the room was the beginning of architecture. - Louis Kahn, lecture at Pratt Institute Fall 1973
Sensitive urban designing with rainwater as a vibrant feature underlies the total success of the development. As a result, the location has become desirable. The amazing neighborhood feeling is complimented by the practicality of the site being 5 minutes walk to both the train station ...